Dr. Carol Swain, vice chairman of President Trump’s now-disbanded 1776 commission and former professor at Vanderbilt University, reacts to woke culture run amok in academia, which now has William Shakespeare in its gunsights.

“The political Left believes that anything associated with Western civilization is dangerous,” Swain told Stephen K. Bannon.

Swain traces the modern day cultural Marxism to the 1960s, noting that the Left has already destroyed higher education with its radical agenda. Now, K-12 education is being targeted, as globalists and cultural Marxists attempt to rewrite history and undermine the Judeo-Christian mores on which the United States was founded.

She argues that corporations are fueling the destruction of education as we know it, and widening the disparity between children of privilege and working-class children, who will no longer gain exposure to the great books.

“Education is the civil-rights issue of our generation.”

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