Dr. Peter Navarro breaks news that “incompetent” Marc Short, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, tried to wipe out President Donald J. Trump in 2016 with Koch funding.

“Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers — the biggest anti-MAGA movement in the entire Republican Party.”

As Trump skyrocketed in the polls, Navarro said Short orchestrated a covert plan bankrolled by the Koch Brothers to replace the insurgent candidate with amnesty-loving Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Super Tuesday 2016.

“They love the tax breaks and deregulation, but they don’t love anything to help the Deplorables… The last thing they want is to pay another dime to the Deplorables of this country.”

In fact, Navarro revealed that Marc Short responsible for many of the shortcomings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

“He had to be pushed with memo after memo.”

Where’s Kamala?

Episode 743 – Heading towards Fascism


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