On Day 43 of the occupation, Stephen K. Bannon lambasted the Republican Party for allowing the Biden Administration to plow ahead with its radical amnesty bill, exacerbating the crisis at the United States southern border as Americans continue to struggle through the Chinese Communist Party-exported pandemic.

“There’s no wall at the border, but there is a wall around the nation’s capitol. The question has to be: why is it there?”

Bannon called out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in particular for inertia and incompetence.

“Our elected officials have got to get on the ramparts, end the feckless whining and wandering around.”

“It’s time to get focused and get on point.”

The radical amnesty bill, proposed at the behest of the global corporatists who control Biden, will break the back of American families and workers, Bannon said.

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to ravage the U.S. economy. Congress has already passed a spending bazooka that will eventually come out of Deplorables’ paychecks.

“That $4 trillion — that’s not free money.”

Rather than holding the CCP accountable for the virus, which Bannon believes came out of a People’s Liberation Army-run lab in Wuhan, elected leaders keep troops in the nation’s capital — “a national disgrace” and an act of flagrant hypocrisy.


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