Stephen K. Bannon blasted the outrageous proposed amnesty bill out of the Biden Administration as the Left’s latest attempt to undermine American sovereignty and sell out our nation and workers to globalist elites.


“There’s not going to be unity because of the radical nature of this Biden Administration.”

Bannon noted that the bill goes even further than legislation proposed in the past and effectively allows for blanket, unfettered, unchecked amnesty for illegal migrants. This represents the epitome of the “managed decline” of America by our elites, Bannon said.

Given the extreme set of mandates set forth in the bill, Bannon is bearish on its odds of going anywhere, especially given Biden’s total lack of political capital.

“This bill is DOA. There’s zero chance this can pass.”

Describing Biden as a puppet of the radical Left, Wall Street, and global corporatists, Bannon noted that the bill would “flood the zone” with illegal labor and effectively make it impossible for American blue-collar workers to compete.

“This is the bill to make our millennials Russian serfs.”

The proposed measure allows not only so-called “Dreamers,” but also illegal aliens who had previously been deported to gain American citizenship.


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