Less First World

Dr. Peter Navarro explains the big picture of the Texas energy crisis: China keeps building coal plants while the Biden regime manages decline.

“There’s a deeper problem here,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The Chinese are laughing at us.”

Navarro also reacts to “rock solid” Jane Timken, who is running for senate in Ohio.

Navarro said the former chair of the Ohio Republican Party is “one of the toughest people I know” and “as good as it’s ever going to get.”

Revolver: Texas’s Power Grid Disaster Is Only The Beginning

Former Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken: ‘I would happily accept Trump’s endorsement’

Watch: Jane Timken announces run for senate

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Decentralized Voting

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains why the elites prefer voting machines, provides an update on his lawsuit in Massachusetts, and how he’s building his own underground platform to combat Big Tech’s tyranny.

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Lindell Stays Strong

Melissa Huray, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, explains what sets Mike Lindell’s treatment center different from the rest: the power of Jesus Christ.

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