A New Digital Ecosystem

Gab CEO Andrew Torba explains Big Tech’s war on free speech in Australia, and how to build our own economy outside of a wicked culture.

“If your church has gone woke, find another church,” he said. Stop buying from people who hate you, cut the cable cord, “including Fox and CNN,” and cut off the tech oligarchs ability to turn us into digital serfs.

“This existing system is so flawed, so corrupt, so wicked, it’s beyond saving, we need to rebuild from scratch,” Gorba said.

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Andrew Gorba explains what transhumanism is, and what the transhumanist nihilists in Big Tech are after.

“These people believe they are supreme to us plebes,” he said. Transhumanists in Silicon Valley want to alter biology to be more dominant.

“Whoever controls the chips controls the minds of the people with the chips,” Gorba said.

Churchill College Denounces Churchill

Raheem Kassam joins from the desert of Arizona for an update after Churchill College held a seminar bashing its namesake.

“This will always be a battle between people who yearn for freedom and people who want” to subjugate them, said Kassam.

Churchill College Hold Online Anti-Churchill Talk

Noon to 3

Communications director for Steve Bannon Alexandra Preate shares her story as a pro-life conservative in Manhattan getting through on the Rush Limbaugh show and being held over through the break.

“Noon to 3 will always be Rush’s time in my mind,” she said. 

“It’s really up to grassroots now or people to come together,” Preate said. “The lesson from Rush Limbaugh is hard work dedication, commitment to excellence.” 


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