The Golden EIB Microphone Goes Silent

The War Room is live on Day 42 of the occupation and the first full day of the Golden EIB microphone going silent.

Stephen K. Bannon and guest co-host Eric Greitens say the mission for the troops in DC is psychological warfare, and say the best way to honor the legacy of Rush Limbaugh is to let your voice be heard.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh on Our Beloved Rush

Business Model of the Party of Davos

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies explains what’s in the massive amnesty proposal dropped by the Biden regime today, and why it’s specifically designed to prop up Kamala Harris in 4 years. Bannon explains why the goal is a never ending influx of cheap labor for the Party of Davos.

Learn: Center for Immigration Studies. Activate: NumbersUSA.

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Politico: ‘Recipe for disaster’: Dem fears mount over immigration overhaul

Crime Wave

Mayor Rudy Giuliani reacts to the Biden regime releasing a job-killing amnesty plan during a crime wave, and even with the glowing press coverage, Biden’s numbers prove he’s total illegitimate.

Rudy’s Common Sense

On their first February 17 after election, Biden trails both Obama and Trump in Presidential Approval: Obama 61%, Trump 55%, Biden 50%

The Coaching Tree

Mayor Giuliani explains how Roger Ailes impacted him and Rush Limbaugh and tells golfing stories of the two cultural giants.

“[Ailes] taught me — to the extent I am — how to be a politician and he also taught Rush,” he said. “Roger to me is like a great football coach with the 10 great coaches that come from him.”


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