Mike Lindell is revealing new evidence in a follow-up a 30-minute documentary to Absolute Proof that shows 60 percent of the election cyber attacks came from communist China.

Lindell says it is is imperative to get rid of voting machines if we ever want to have honest elections again.

“There would be no 2024 and no 2022, it makes no difference because Dominion and Smartmatic and other countries will pick our politicians,” Lindell said.

Lindell said he hopes Dominion sues him to be able to present his more than 2,000 pages of evidence in court. Since his release of his documentary, Lindell said three additional sources have come forward with concrete evidence proving the election was stolen.

Lindell has validated IP addresses and identified computers that experienced intrusions on Election Day, and says it is an “identical” match to where votes were stolen in Maricopa and Antrim counties.

“I’m 100 percent all in,” Lindell said. “This is about our country, this is about 2022 if it will even happen, we have to get rid of all the machines.”

Watch the new documentary at LindellTV.com


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