The Link Between Reagan and Trump

War Room dedicates the entire hour to the irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh, who passed away after a battle with lung cancer at the age of 70.

Stephen K. Bannon reflects on the all-time great and says Limbaugh was “the link between Reagan and Trump.”

“Broken heart, that’s the first thing that comes to mind,” said radio host John Fredericks, reacting to the news.

Fredericks said Limbaugh shaped so much about American politics and the conservative movement “things would happen and before you formulated a snap judgment you would wait to see what Rush had to say.”

“He once again showed his toughness and his courage, virtually every day he was at the microphone,” Bannon said, of Limbaugh’s tenacity in working throughout his cancer diagnosis until the end.

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Impossible to Replace

Dr. Peter Navarro says Rush Limbaugh is impossible to replace “at a time when we need Rush Limbaugh more than ever.”

“Whenever anybody subbed for Rush you kind of understood how great he was,” Navarro said.

“He just operated on a different plane. He had the voice, the mind and everything in between.”

“Radio is hard, I come in here and do 10 minutes with Bannon and it’s like a walk in the park.”

Alexandra Preate, communications director for Stephen K. Bannon, shares her personal experiences as a coveted “hold you over the break” caller into Rush and getting the opportunity to meeting him.

“He was the person who took [the] slings and arrows,” Preate said of Rush. “He was frankly like the president for us in the opposition party.” 

“Before Donald Trump we had Rush Limbaugh, he would give you insight that no one else would give you,” she said.

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A Sad Day in America

Boris Epshteyn said it is a sad day and had a message to the haters: you are the scum of the earth.

Epshteyn noted the contrast between on the “true men, true leaders” versus Joe Biden letting Kamala Harris call Emmanuel Macron.

“We really did lose a giant today,” Epshteyn said.

Once a Century

Bannon says a talent like Rush only comes along once a century, and Preate explains the magic of Rush, who was always realistic, and always optimistic.

Exchanging Cigars

Mayor Rudy Giuliani talks about his friendship with Rush, who he knew for over three decades, who shared a mentor with Rush in Roger Ailes.

Giuliani says Rush was “a fabulous golf partner,” who he twice won the Els for Autism tournament with, and said the best part was exchanging cigars.

“He was great, he was not impatient, certainly very generous with lessons or things he learned,” Giuliani said.

“He was an extraordinarily generous man,” he said.


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