The Guy Who’s Not Moving On

Mike Lindell reveals new evidence that he is releasing in a 30-minute follow up documentary to Absolute Proof, and explains why he hopes Dominion sues him.


Scary Gobbledygook

Raheem Kassam explains why Joe Biden talked to Xi for 2 hours: he was doing town hall prep. The “scary gobbledygook” of Biden’s CNN town hall included his providing cover for the genocide of millions and a promise that we may get back to normal by…next Christmas. 

WATCH: Biden Excuses Genocide Of Uyghurs As A “Cultural Norm”

Biden says things may be back to normal by Christmas

Biden Gives China License to Commit Mass Murder 

Mike Lindell says his evidence shows 60 percent of all the election cyber attacks came from Communist China, and Rudy Giuliani assesses Biden’s abysmal performance at the CNN town hall.

WATCH: Rudy’s Common Sense

Posobiec: Anderson Cooper asked a simple question about the Uyghurs. Biden responded by defending the CCP. 

Nov. 3 is Not Over, Ladies and Gentlemen

Tom Del Beccaro, chairman of Rescue California, calls Biden’s comment on China’s human rights abuses the “most dangerous” foreign policy statement since Dean Acheson and updates on the recall effort of Gavin Newsom.

Del Beccaro’s group has three weeks left to meet their goal of 2 million signatures, and has inspired movements to recall Doug Ducey and the Board of Election supervisors in Arizona.


California Governor Gavin Newsom Chooses Big Political Donors To Run State’s Vaccination Program


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