Venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy says “something’s got to give” between bureaucrats getting in the way of Americans’ lives and livelihoods. “The managerial industrial complex wants to resist people taking ownership and agency of their own health with their doctor,” he said. All of a sudden the “sacrosanct” doctor-patient relationship in the U.S. has given way to micromanaging by bureaucrats in a one-size-fits-all lock down and vaccine approach. Ramaswamy says consilience, the converging of evidence, has proven what works and what doesn’t.  “Over the last year you have had field tests in over 150 countries on what approaches have worked,” Ramaswamy said. And the results are in: The number of Wuhan virus deaths per million have been vastly lower in tropical countries with lots of exposure to Vitamin D and access to cheap therapeutics over the counter.

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