Mike Lindell is a hot topic these days – stories of cancel culture, pillow fights and election fraud pepper the airwaves.  Although I’m aware of the news headlines, people’s opinions on these matters are irrelevant to what really drives the sometimes contentious man I’ve come to know.

The truth is, God used Mike Lindell to help restore my faith through his passion and zeal for helping broken people above all else. If people could set aside the rhetoric, the scales would fall from their eyes to reveal this explicit truth.  Jaded and disillusioned with the world of treatment I’d come to know, in God’s perfect timing I was shown a side of the MyPillow guy that had nothing to do with politics, pillows, or the president. 

God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Still a believer, but struggling, I yearned for a novel approach to help people recover from addictions after thirteen years spent counseling in secular treatment centers. I’d seen too few set free and attended too many funerals. The recovery rates were dismal; the approaches to helping addicts felt antiquated.  More 12 step meetings, more therapy, more medication – none of it seemed to work very well long term. Though some recovered, many more relapsed and returned to the program again and again.

Mike Lindell’s memoir is titled, “WHAT ARE THE ODDS? FROM CRACK ADDICT TO CEO,” and I’d soon find out it was nothing short of divine intervention that I’d scored a few minutes of his time.  Unbelievers would call it luck, but I know it was the very hand of God answering a fervent prayer.

Mike spoke those very words as I sat rigidly in the board room of his corporate office for a job interview, following almost two solid years spent in my prayer closet every night after work.  

“DO YOU KNOW THE ODDS OF YOU SITTING HERE RIGHT NOW?” he crowed as he entered. “I’ve only been in the office a few days this month, and your name has come up every time!  I knew I had to meet you.”

Sure, I knew the odds.  Slim to none!  The devil had been insisting for a solid year that it was highly unlikely I’d land an executive position within Mike’s company.  I knew all too well those coveted spots were reserved for friends and family – those who had an “in.”  “Give it up.  There are so many more qualified people, so many more charismatic, so many more skilled,” the enemy whispered.  He wanted me to throw in the towel and stay stuck in the machine of treatment as usual. Still, I kept hoping and praying.

Unsure of what my position within the company might be (but trusting the process), I sat in disbelief as Mike Lindell shared the vision for his innovative addiction platform – The Lindell Recovery Network.  God used Mike to deliver the solution to my struggle with the helping profession.  The Spirit moved as he spoke. 

Though the novelty has not worn off, the past couple of years have not been easy.  We knew the spiritual warfare would be strong. The evil one DOES NOT want this platform to reach its intended audience, and is fighting to the death to silence us.  The devil would love to continue exterminating people by keeping them in bondage to addiction, feeding them lies, and leading them to believe their situation is hopeless.

Mike Lindell’s idea is simple, and that’s what makes it so incredible. One addict speaking to another from their point of pain – leading people to the Great Healer though candid, genuine, heartfelt testimonials – Biblical materials and training for healing the heart, connections to others who have escaped from the brink of death. 

People will try to complicate it: “where’s the therapy/medication/treatment/ etc etc etc…” We have been trained to believe we need extensive programming, costly therapy, high-end treatment centers, and never-ending support group meetings in order to be ‘healed.’ This keeps the addicted person stuck in a mouse trap of dependence upon outside crutches to ‘stay straight.’ It can truly become another addiction.  

Let me be clear: treatment, detoxification, and medication are sometimes helpful and needed to produce a period of stabilization or to treat physical dependence – for example, if a person has been using alcohol or benzodiazepines daily for a long period of time. Withdrawal can be deadly. God provides treatment approaches for us to access as needed, but I do not believe he intends for us to become dependent upon them for a lifetime.

In spite of hundreds of therapy methods, treatment programs, and the latest pharmaceuticals, I cannot ignore the countless people who have NOT been helped permanently through these approaches and continue soldiering on, trapped in a cycle of despair. The world will offer some stale platitude like “that’s just the nature of addiction” but I say B.S.  Mike is trying to offer a permanent solution though the saving power of Jesus, and as expected – the opposition is strong.

Jesus came to set the captives free (Isaiah 61).  Mike Lindell wants to do just that through the Lindell Recovery Network, and God has assigned me as a warrior in this battle with him.  No power of hell will come against what God has set in motion. Please pray for our platform – prayer is our most mighty weapon against the forces of evil at work.  With God on our side, I am confident that no power of hell will triumph over Mike’s rescue mission to save the addicted.

“The LORD is my helper; I will not be afraid! What can mere mortals do to me?”

Hebrews 13:6

Melissa Huray is the executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network.

[email protected]


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