Rolling Greenouts

Daniel Turner, founder executive director Power the Future, explains what’s going on with the rolling blackouts in Texas: when the weather’s bad green energy doesn’t work.

“The sun doesn’t always shine the wind doesn’t always blow, or in the case if Texas you get freezing rain and it stops the wind turbines from turning,” Turner said. Follow @DanielTurnerPTF

Navarro Hates Being Right

Dr. Peter Navarro explains what he saw coming in his book The Dimming of America.

“If it can happen in Texas it can happen anywhere,” he said.

Let’s Go Keep Winning

Boris Epshteyn discusses his new op-ed in the National Pulse on the path forward for the MAGA movement. War Room reacts to President Trump going nuclear on Mitch McConnell.

READ Epshteyn: The Republican Establishment is Intent on Political Suicide

Trump unloads on McConnell, promises MAGA primary challengers

Fake News CBS

Stephen K. Bannon destroyed a fake news CBS producer for making false claims about Bannon when he worked at the White House.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he will air evidence of the stolen election if Speaker Pelosi’s commission turns out to be legitimate like the 9/11 commission.

“I would love to have a venue,” he said.

VISIT: Rudy’s Common Sense


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