Better Get a Food Taster

War Room explains how the MAGA movement can take over the GOP, and wonders who is actually president, anyway?

“The vice president of the United States is actually making direct phone calls with heads of states,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “This is actually breathtaking.” 

“I think the reason is [Biden’s] just not up to the job, this guy is a hollow shell,” he said.

Kamala Harris has her first call with a foreign leader: ‘Readouts from the White House and Trudeau’s office said the two leaders spoke about diversity, COVID-19, climate change’

Kamala Harris Is Now Making Joe Biden’s Head Of State Calls For Him

Kamala Throws Fauci Under the Bus

Kamala Harris says Saint Fauci left them nothing for the vaccine (she wouldn’t take), and Raheem Kassam breaks down the “unprecedented government by fiat” with 56 executive orders from the Biden regime and counting.

‘Starting from scratch’: Harris contradicts Fauci on White House COVID vaccine plan

Daniel Turner: China is building more coal plants this year than all Europe combined currently has. And liberal American China apologists are aiding them.

If You Like Your Bureaucrat, You Can Keep Your Bureaucrat 

Venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy says “something’s got to give” between bureaucrats getting in the way of Americans’ lives and livelihoods.

“The managerial industrial complex wants to resist people taking ownership and agency of their own health with their doctor,” he said. Follow on Gab.

Osmotic Flow 

Fresh off his trip to the southern border, Combat journalist Michael Yon reports illegal crossings are up two to three times higher under the Biden regime. Yon explains the “osmotic flow” from despotic regimes to the United States and the Western world offering “free stuff.”


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