Stephen K. Bannon responds to a fake news report from a CBS producer claiming Bannon brought up the 25th amendment at the White House: it’s total garbage.

“It’s a total fantasy, totally incorrect, total lie,” Bannon said.

“There is no one in this country that has supported President Trump better, tougher, longer than Stephen K. Bannon,” he said.

Bannon said not only has he always stood by President Trump in the past, he supports him in the future.

“Absolutely categorically Trump is our guy, and has always been our guy,” he said. “He’s got to run and lead the field in 2022 to take over the House, impeach Biden, and then got to run in 2024.”

Bannon said Ira Rosen is “another reporter trying to be a grifter.”

Bannon said reporters looking into the 25th amendment rumors should ask Jim Mattis and John Kelly.


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