Boris Epshteyn reacts to the Bannon plan to take back the House and gives his legal opinion of Andrew Cuomo’s first comments since aides exposed his cover up of nursing home deaths: Cuomo’s lying. Follow @BorisEP

Matt Gaetz Goes After McConnell for Speech Condemning Trump

Cuomo blames ‘politics,’ fails to address nursing home cover-up admission

Curtis Ellis’s One Regret

Raheem Kassam reflects on the passing of Curtis Ellis and explains how the MAGA pioneer was one of the drivers behind Brexit. 

Dr. Peter Navarro recalls his friendship with Ellis, and jokes “his one last regret was he didn’t get on the” CCP’s sanctions list.

FLASHBACK: Ellis: Walmart and Wall Street Drove us to China

The Devil in the Pelosi Details

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to a new 9/11 commission for Jan. 6, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom’s troubles, and predicts the New York governor is going down. Follow @RealPNavarro

Pelosi says 9/11-style commission to investigate Capitol riots is ‘next step’ after Trump impeachment trial

Judge Janine: Cuomo’s Covid Cover Up

The Not-So Great Reset

War Room explains why Big Media is trying to hit reset on the Biden regime, and historian Michael Walsh returns to bring the lessons MAGA can learn today from the Battle of Shiloh.

Don’t worry: we’ll lick ‘em tomorrow.

CNN: The end of trump’s trial lifts an oppressive cloud from Washington

Politico: The Biden presidency starts today  

Get the book: Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost


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