A Nationwide Sweep 

“California is in play,” says Stephen K. Bannon. “I never thought I’d say those words.”

Tom Del Beccaro updates the show on the recall Gavin Newsom. Rescue California has already gathered the necessary 1.495 million signatures, but is gathering 2 million to thwart any funny business in the deep blue state.

“This is behind enemy lines,” Del Beccaro said. “If we can bring rationality here it can happen to the rest of the country.”

DONATE: RescueCalifornia.org

Tom Del Beccaro: Recall Gavin Newsom – 8 reasons why the California governor must go

Cuomo’s Cover Up

Raheem Kassam updates on if and when Parler will actually be back up and Dr. Maria Ryan updates on Andrew Cuomo’s growing scandal of hiding the numbers of CCP virus deaths in nursing homes.

“He made the decision to not release accurate numbers,” she said.

Parler announces official relaunch, says it is back online

Rep. Gaetz slams media for putting Cuomo on pedestal for his COVID response

The Art of the Precinct

“Obviously, we have to take over the Republican Party.” Stephen K. Bannon called in in 2017, Dan Schultz explains how to do it and take over the RNC beginning at the precinct level.

“It’s still not too late to get elected,” Schultz explains, and tells you where caucus meetings are still being held in March.

The Precinct Project

R.I.P. Curtis Ellis

John Fredericks and Stephen K. Bannon give a moving tribute to Curtis Ellis, one of the original pioneers of the America First movement, populism, and economic nationalism.

Read Curtis Ellis’s closing argument on how to save America and the GOP

More Than the My Pillow Guy

Melissa Huray, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, says Mike Lindell is much more than the My Pillow guy. “God always shows me who people are,” she said. “And he has shown me the real Mike Lindell: a champion of the underdog.”

Huray explains the powerful transformation story that began when Lindell was still a crack addict. “God works with us in our mess,” Huray says.

Visit: The Lindell Recovery Network


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