No Group Hug

War Room reacts to the uniparty’s unison anti-Trump message, and Stephen K. Bannon lays out his plan for the America First movement.

“Mitch McConnell has got to go,” Bannon said. “He’s a poison.”

Boston Herald: Bannon’s strategy is for Trump to run for Congress in 2022 and impeach Biden,: Trump will ‘lead us in 2024’

Off the Straight Talk Express 

The frauds at the Lincoln Project are off the “straight talk express” trying to distance themselves from John Weaver. Natalie Winters, of the National Pulse, joins the show to expose Harvard’s Shorenstein Center and its extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

EXC: Harvard Center Attacking COVID Lab Theory Has Extensive Financial And Personnel Links With The Chinese Communist Party

CCP Nest 

War Room exposes the fraudulent Washington Post hit piece against Dr. Yan Li-Meng. Bezo’s Post used Robert Gallo, who has a school named after him by the CCP, to attack Dr. Yan, who had to flee her country to warn the world about the Chinese Communist Party’s cover up of the Wuhan virus.

Plus Stephen K. Bannon exposes Harvard University: “It’s a nest of CCP intelligence assets.”

Week of Winning 

Steve Cortes pays respect to Curtis Ellis, policy director with America First Policies and leader in the MAGA movement who died over the weekend. Cortes explains the five ways MAGA won last week.

Cortes rips the legacy holders of the GOP, including Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, and explains why Lara Trump could easily beat “swamp dinosaur” Richard Burr in North Carolina.

She has the three essential qualities we need for MAGA candidates: ideology, media skills, and most importantly, guts.

Mitch McConnell warns he may OPPOSE Lara Trump


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