Steve Cortes said Lara Trump could easily become the next senator of North Carolina, after Richard Burr sided with Democrats and against President Trump in the impeachment sham.

“I have no idea if she is going to run but I would be one of her most enthusiastic supporters,” Cortes said. Cortes explained Lara Trump has all three of his criteria for successful MAGA candidates: Guts, media skills, and ideology.

Cortes said Sen. Burr is “lucky he didn’t get indicted” for dumping $1.7 million in stock after receiving confidential briefings on the Wuhan virus.

“He is unfortunately a swamp dinosaur, he represents the worst of the Washington swamp,” Cortes said. “I don’t care if he has an ‘R’ after his name. He does not represent the people of North Carolina, he does not represent the real Republican Party.”

“The people of North Carolina are angry, and I hope and believe they are going to elect an America First senator,” Cortes said. “Lara Trump would be at the top of my list.”

Cortes blasted uniparty Republicans Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Liz Cheney, and said the battle in the Republican Party is nonexistent at the voter level, but only in the swamp.

“They live in a fantasy land,” Cortes said. “It’s despicable it’s disgusting, how regrettable their words and actions

“There is a battle going on among legacy office holders of the Republican Party” and the donor class, Cortes said. “We can’t expect that they are going to acquiesce.” 


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