Show Trial Witnesses

War Room dissects the breaking news VP Mike Pence’s staff leaked to CNN, and break down the implications for a Show Trial with witnesses. Stephen K. Bannon explains how “it all ties back to the CCP.”

Everybody Knew

Frank Gaffney joins War Room for the full hour, and starts off with his takeaway from the impeachment sham: everybody knew.

The intel agencies, Capitol Hill police, Nancy Pelosi, everyone knew about a threat on Jan. 6, so why was nothing done about it? Follow @FrankGaffney

Seed the Steal

Frank Gaffney explains all the ways the Chinese Communist Party interfered in the 2020 election: the CCP virus, backing antifa and BLM, and using Marxist organizations like Seed the Vote.


Compromised Regime

War Room explains how deep the CCP ties go in the compromised Biden regime, and Frank Gaffney warns of the dangers of Biden opening up America’s grid to China: 90% of the population would be wiped out in an EMP attack.

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza gives an important update on the illegal alien smuggling on the border that the Biden regime has opened up.


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