2020 Redux

War Room explains why it’s Groundhog Year: impeachment, pandemic, BLM riots last night in New York City, it all feels like 2020.

“One year and we’re back to the beginning,” said Raheem Kassam.

The difference, Peter Navarro notes, is at least we had a great economy under President Trump in February 2020.

The Money Shot

Dr. Peter Navarro joins for a full hour showing the receipts proving the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.

Navarro showed how the Biden “victory” margins are far outweighed by illegal votes, irregularities and violations of election laws in the swing states.

“The bottom line is you look at this matrix you see just a sea of check marks, virtually every state has most or all of these irregularities,” Navarro said. “This is the money shot.”

12 Different Kind of ‘F’ Words

Dr. Peter Navarro walks through all the different methods Democrats used to steal the election, from ghost voters, to over votes, to “people who were voting from the ski slopes of Aspen when they were supposed to be indefinitely confined.” 

Game On

War Room reacts to the establishment trap that was laid against President Trump to vote for witnesses in the impeachment sham, but explains how it can be a good thing for showing the receipts.

The blind side appears to be orchestrated by Vice President Mike Pence and his staff, which Navarro calls the “greatest betrayal imaginable.”


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