Revolver’s Darren Beattie reacts to Nikki Haley’s “break” with Donald Trump, as if she was ever with him in the first place.

Beattie reminds listeners that this is the same woman who compared President Trump to a mass murderer.

“This is completely fake, just like everyone else after Trump has worked out his usefulness to them,” Beattie said. “It’s the same story.”

Haley is “a creature of the corrupt American political class,” Beattie said.

“NIkki Haley has no agency,” he added. “She is completely a puppet for the neocon wing of military industrial complex.”

Raheem Kassam said Haley is part of the same class of “Neocon Trotskyites” Never Trump has trotted out repeatedly, who have zero appeal to the working class.


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