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War Room explains why the Trump legal defense team didn’t go for 10, but still put a “total nail in the coffin of the cynical sham of an impeachment,” says Boris Epshteyn.

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Democrats love inciting violence 

Watch: Trump defense team destroys the Charlottesville fine people

The real timeline of events on Jan. 6 is devastating to Democrats’ case

Never-ending impeachment

Take the Bait?

War Room assesses whether the Trump team should have taken the bait from Bernie Sanders, and give the signal of the latest Biden regime flip-flop: it’s OK to make sexist attacks against reporters.

Only off by a couple thousand: Stacey Plaskett describes ‘thousands of violent insurrectionaries’

No ifs and or…but: Biden regime backs misogynist staffer breaking promise to fire disrespectful employees on the spot

Biden Aide Threatens Female Reporter — ‘I Will Destroy You’


Boris Epshteyn says President Trump is undefeated against the Republican establishment and explains why he will be the 47th President of the United States.

Marrying Dr. Yan

War Room’s 2020 woman of the year Dr. Yan Li-Meng responds to today’s Washington Post hit piece, and points out a flaw in their sourcing: Robert Gallo has deep ties to the CCP.

Dr. Yan continues to be lied about and smears by Chinese and American state-run media. She said the Washington Post turned to Gallo for a simple reason.

“It’s because he has deep ties with the Chinese Communist Party,” Dr. Yan said. Dr. Yan said Gallo has been attacking her since she began blowing the whistle on the CCP’s cover up, and afterwards Gallo was given a top prize from China.

Plus: Follow @DrLiMengYAN1 for Dr. Yan’s updates on a People Liberation Army’s textbook on bioweapons from 2015.

WHO backtracks on Covid Wuhan lab: Theory that virus emerged in laboratory has NOT been dismissed, health chief insists – as it emerges China WON’T hand over raw data on early infections


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