The Tell

War Room reacts to Ted Lieu’s Donald J. Trump struggle session, and Nikki Haley’s attempt to  roll into 2024.

“She’s like the [John] Milton character in Paradise Lost,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “Ambitious as Lucifer.”

Peggy Noonan clutches her pearls

Not Wasting Your Time

Bannon called the shot in October 2018 on the House, impeachment, and Nikki Haley. Richard Baris says Republican rank and file aren’t moving: they’re sticking with President Trump.

Plus: why the recall in California is real. Gavin Newsom fell below 50 percent approval for the first time ever at 46 percent, and is hemorrhaging support with Hispanic voters. Only 16 percent strongly approve. Follow @Peoples_Pundit

FLASHBACK: Bannon calls timing of ‘incredibly politically ambitious’ Haley resignation ‘horrific’ 

The Second Front

War Room explains why California is the second front against the illegitimate Biden regime and what scares Democrats “to the core of their being”: President Trump’s support among Hispanics.

Steve Cortes explains why the MAGA movement will “dominate for decades.”

President Trump gained 4 percent in deep blue Los Angeles County and 10 percent in the highlight Hispanic working class Imperial County.

Tear Down This Wall

Raheem Kassam explains why the Lincoln Project melt down is the best soap opera running right now, and after the admission it is for political purposes, demands Biden’s Wall be removed.

“These barriers have to come down immediately,” Kassam said. “Bring down that wall right now. Today. No more politicization. [The National Guard] are not the political shock troops of the Democrat Party.”

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

War Room talks about how President Trump could win the information warfare battle in the Senate and Matt Braynard explains how to secure election integrity reform: apply pressure at the local level.

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