Dr. Gad Saad returns to give the signal of the Gina Carano firing, and how “idea pathogens” have spread from the campus to every aspect of society.

“What’s happening here is a manifestation of this endless orgiastic munchausen: I’m a victim therefore I am,” said Dr. Saad.

Dr. Saad says it is “grotesque” that the left is able to compare Donald Trump to Hitler every single day with the “Big Lie,” and Carano cannot make a mild political comparison without losing her job.

Dr. Saad explains that the problem is much bigger, and it began in academia.

“Today we’re facing this covid crisis, but we’ve been facing a pandemic of the human mind for 40-50 years,” Dr. Saad said. He’s calls these “dreadfully bad ideas” that destroy common sense “idea pathogens.”

“The Granddaddy of all of them is postmodernism,” the author of the book The Parasitic Mind explained.

Dr. Saad says postmodernism is a “form of intellectual terrorism.”

“The idea that there there are no universal truths, it’s insane. It’s anti-scientific,” he said. “We deal in pursuit of a truth that can be discovered.”

Dr. Saad compares the nihilistic view of the postmodernism to the 9/11 hijackers, only the hijackers of intellectual leftism “fly planes of BS into our edifices of reason.”

Dr. Saad’s advice to fight back against the illogical and unscientific ideas is to “activate your inner honey badger” and be unafraid to challenge them.

“You can effect change within your small sphere of influence,” he said. “Challenge ideas. Feel sufficiently empowered to believe your voice matters.”

Dr. Saad you will incur costs from speaking out, but nothing worth doing is cost free.


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