The Glove Doesn’t Fit

Editor-in-chief of Just the News John Solomon catches Eric Swalwell in a major blunder: he doesn’t know the difference between “cavalry” and “calvary.”

The CCP-compromised Democrat impeachment manager falsely accused two women of wanting to send in the military of when they really were setting up a prayer meeting. 

“This is like the glove doesn’t fit moment,” Solomon said.

“The woman got death threats because Eric Swalwell made her famous with false words,” he said.

Impeachment blunder: Author of tweet introduced at trial says it was falsified, misinterpreted

The Quiet Part Out Loud

Ted Lieu accidentally reveals the truth: Democrats are using the military to enforce political speech. Just admit the election wasn’t stolen and the troops can go home.

They are “using the power of the state to change what you think,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

“They are the authority and they don’t want you to challenge the authority.”

Raheem Kassam says the National guard is being “deployed for political ends” as if this was Beijing. 

Ted Lieu: ‘National Guard troops in full body armor still patrol outside’ because Trump won’t say the words the election wasn’t stolen

WATCH: Democrats Make a Great Case for Impeachment — Against Themselves

The Most Dangerous RINOs

Dr. Peter Navarro explains who the most dangerous RINOs are in the U.S. senate.

READ: The Navarro Report.

Nothing is Stopping This

Melissa Huay, executive director of the Lindell Recovery Network, says she is busier than ever because the more they try to shut down the truth, the more it backfires.

Huay said Absolute Proof has now been viewed 100 million times and the Lindell Recovery Network is weathering the attacks from the left.

“Nothing is stopping this,” she said. “When the hand of God is upon something no human power can stop it.”

Visit: The Lindell Recovery Network


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