Allergic to Transparency

Brian Kennedy, president of the American Strategy Group, assesses Mike Lindell’s documentary, and says it shows absolute proof that professional journalists abdicated their duty and there “should have been a much more thorough investigation.”

“Why is everyone so allergic to counting the ballots in any place where there is a controversy?” Kennedy wonders.
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The Biggest Story in the Country 

Revolver’s Darren Beattie updates on the explosive story on Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick, which the media has falsely used to blood libel 75 million Americans and characterize them as domestic terrorists.

READ: MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

Tucker Carlson: What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot. How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?

Greenwald: Why do we not know how or even when he died?

Peaceful Protest

Raheem Kassam discusses the videos the media and Democrats don’t want you to see, and Chinese Whistleblower Dr. Ming explains what happens during Lunar New Year.

BBC News banned in China

The Propaganda Arm of the Party of Davos

Chinese Whistleblower Dr. TCC says the World Health Organization’s declaration that the CCP virus did not come from the Wuhan lab is “insulting people’s intelligence.”

“We all know this was a man-made laboratory engineered bioweapon,” she said. 

The Financial Times, which Stephen K. Bannon calls the “propaganda arm of the Party of Davos,” dutifully relayed the WHO’s claim that it is “highly unlikely” the virus came from the Wuhan lab. It’s source? Peter Daszak who worked with the CCP at the Wuhan lab for almost two decades.

Paper of the Party of Davos: WHO dismisses coronavirus lab leak theory as ‘extremely unlikely’

Lindell to Big Box Stores: You Never Get to Come Back 

Mike Lindell is putting the Big Box stores on notice: if they leave now they never get to come back.

The contrived orchestrated attacks are hitting Lindell’s business, his recovery network, and his reputation, all because he is brave enough to speak out about the stolen election.

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Support the Lindell Recovery Network

Drop these Big Box Stores who’ve dropped My Pillow:

Dollar General
Mattress Firm
The Shopping Channel in Canada
Kinny drugs
Colony Branch
Blue Stem
Bed Bath & Beyond
JC Penney

People Want More

Stephen K. Bannon and Mike Lindell preview tonight’s OANN special on Lindell’s documentary, Absolute Proof.

Lindell’s prepared to go an d show you the receipts any amount of time, all you have to do is get the cameras rolling, he’s not going to back down. 

WATCH at 8 p.m. on OANN.


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