Mike Lindell explains the all-out assault on his reputation, company, and recovery network, including Google not letting him buy his own name.

Google buried MichaelJLindell.com after his documentary Absolute Proof was released, so Lindell fought back.

“I bought my own name so everything would show up” on Google, Lindell said. “It started out like 5 or 10 cents a click. I wasn’t bidding against anyone, and all a sudden it went up to 50 cents a click.”

“And then it got up to a dollar a click,” he said. “That’s unheard of for your own name. I am Mike Lindell.”

“Finally Google, after taking $20,000 of my money, said ‘You don’t get to buy this anymore,'” Lindell said.

Despite the censorship campaign, and blocking him out of his own Twitter and Wikipedia pages, Lindell says over 22 million have watched his election fraud documentary.


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