Dr. Peter Navarro says he can definitely prove the “theft of the century”: that the election was stolen.

“Give me one hour,” Navarro said. “Give me an hour at that senate trial instead of an hour of those hapless mediocre lawyers we have. Just give me an hour to present the Navarro report…and I will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that that election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.”

Navarro said Democrats in Michigan and Pennsylvania are hiding their election data from the public.

“What they’ve done is they wipe out the voting data from websites, so the stuff we used to get to our numbers you can’t get to anymore, and that’s not an accident,” Navarro said. “What they’re trying to do is erase history as they craft this narrative about a free and fair election.”

“They’ve wiped it clean,” he said. “This is clear suppression of data so they can consolidate their myth.”


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