What Are They So Afraid Of?

Stephen K. Bannon and Mike Lindell are teaming up to walk through the entirety of Absolute Proof and will explain every detail, Thursday night at 8.pm. on One America News Network.

“We’re going to break it apart, ask the toughest questions,” Bannon said. “No one is here to tell you what to think.”

Bannon challenged Big Media and the left to engage on the details of election fraud addressed in the documentary. So far it’s been crickets.

Sea Change

Rudy Giuliani reacts to day one of impeachment, and Stephen K. Bannon predicts a sea change coming in the President’s defense.

The Unnecessary War

Stephen K. Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Eric Greitens, and Raheem Kassam look to the past to explain the present, drawing parallels between Winston Churchill in the 1930s and how we can turn today into a Churchill moment.

Churchill “saw what people didn’t see and was willing to stick with it,” Giuliani said, comparing it to President Trump and the nationalists fight against the Chinese Communist Party. “He didn’t back off what he believed in and eventually it saved western civilization.”

Eric Greitens notes there was an entire anti-Churchill industry in Great Britain, just like the establishment wants to shut down the MAGA movement today.

FBI Station Chief Involved on Jan. 6?

Eric Greitens breaks down the news about Thomas Caldwell, who was arrested for conspiracy on Jan. 6, and is also a former section chief for the FBI.

The Just the News report means President Trump couldn’t possibly have incited something planned months in advance, and something is missing from Big Media’s narrative.

“This story — if it played into their narrative — would be played on loop on CNN and MSNBC,” Bannon said. Why isn’t it?

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How to Avoid Being Governed by Your Inferiors 

Patriots are responding to the call to volunteer as a precinct committeemen in the GOP, as Dan Schultz laid out on War Room.

Schultz said the time to get involved is now to take back the Republican Party, and fill the 200,000 vacant local positions nationwide withing the GOP.

“The question is are you going to become a savior of this republic to keep it from sliding into socialism, are you going to get involved?” he said.

Schultz said the situation America is finding itself in was predicted by Plato: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

The Precinct Project.

Contact Dan Schultz: [email protected]

Effervescent Shirt

Boris Epshteyn says President Trump’s defense team has “got to do better” and compliments Raheem’s attire. Stephen K. Bannon explains why MAGA must stay engaged on the impeachment show trial: it’s about cancelling us.


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