‘He’s a Fighter, Where’s the Fight?’

War Room reacts to the lackluster defense of President Trump at his second show trial, with no rebuttals to the open lies by the Democrats, and no mention of the “F” word: fraud.

“He’s a fighter, where’s the fight?” said Stephen K. Bannon.

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The Most Important Story Revolver Has Ever Run

Darren Beattie shares his explosive story on the details — and lack thereof — of the death of Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick, which Big Media used to label over 75 million Americans as domestic terrorists.

“The really disturbing stuff starts when we ask what actually happened to him?” Beattie said.

“This is maybe the most important story revolver has ever run,” he said. “I promise you the rabbit hole goes far deeper.”


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It’s Called Being Alinskied

Mike Lindell exposes the politics of personal destruction, and how Google isn’t even letting him buy his own name.

“I can just see them in their little room saying, ‘What are we going to do? Let’s just shut him off,'” Lindell said.

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