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War Room explains why you should care about the impeachment show trial: it’s not about going after President Trump, it’s about going after you.

Day one of the sham impeachment is in the books, including the 12-minute doctored video that kicked off the Democrats’ case.

“They said they have new evidence, they tampered with the evidence,” said Jack Posobiec.

Stephen K. Bannon says “the President has the hard evidence of the steal,” but his lawyers are not using it.

WHO: ‘It Definitely Wasn’t That Spooky Lab’

War Room’s 2020 woman of the year Dr. Yan Li-Meng responds to the World Health Organization’s latest cover up for the CCP.

After finally being allowed some access — a year late — within a matter of days the WHO concludes the Wuhan Institute of Virology has nothing to do with the CCP virus.

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We’re Not Getting the Receipts

Jack Posobiec points out that President Trump wanted Congress to show the receipts of the election fraud on Jan. 6, but “it was the riot that prevented that.”

With the President’s lawyers refusing to go there, we may never get the receipts presented in the well of the senate.


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