Blindsided by Boyer

With Stephen K. Bannon is on assignment, Raheem Kassam takes the reins and explains why the running dogs for the corporate elite at Axios think impeachment is the fifth most important story of the day. 

Arizona state senator Sonny Borelli joins the show and reveals what happened with the Republican resolution to hold the Maricopa county election supervisors in contempt for blocking evidence of election fraud. They were blindsided by their own member: Republican senator Paul Boyer.

CALL Senator Boyer: (602) 926-4173. Email.

WHO’s Kidding Who? 

WHO whitewash: Investigators BACK Beijing’s claim Covid did NOT leak from a Wuhan lab and call for ‘no further study into that theory’ – but they WILL probe China’s claim virus was imported on frozen meat

She Doesn’t Leave K Street

Frank Eathorne, chairman of the Wyoming GOP, updates the show on the statewide censure of Liz Cheney, the first person quoted by Democrats in their impeachment brief. Cheney hasn’t bothered to return to Wyoming, and instead is going on Fox News to bash 75 million “plus plus plus” President Trump supporters.

“There’s two problems with her rebuttal: she insulted the voters of Wyoming and we’re not buying the narrative,” said Eathorne. “Number two, the people of Wyoming are very intelligent.”


Wyoming GOP calls for Liz Cheney to resign and repay donations in scorched earth censure

The CCP in America

Real America’s Voice contributor Ben Bergquam reports live from the wall — not on the southern border, but around America’s three branches of government.

“This is the CCP in America,” Bergquam said, pointing out the razor wire fence was put up by the same people who don’t want a wall on our southern border.

Plus, Raheem Kassam gives the correction Big Media will never give you. 

No correction: Reports that Brian Sicknick was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are ‘not true.’

Razzle Dazzle

Attorney Thomas Farnan explains how impeachment 2.0 is a “show trial,” lacking any evidence but designed purely to advance a political narrative. 

“Most people understand there was not an insurrection,” Farnan said.

“Overwhelming what was happening on Jan. 6 was Americans going to Washington, D.C. to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” he said. “They felt that there was something wrong with what happened in the election.”

Luckily, Americans now know for sure there were shenanigans in the election. “They took to the pages of TIME magazine last week to confess it,” Farnan said.

Get the book: The Russia Lie 

Struggle Sessions for Thee, But Not for AOC

Jack Posobiec is impressed with AOC’s ability to shut down press questions, and never apologize. 

Reporter: You tweeted that Ted Cruz ‘tried to have you murdered.’

AOC: That’s not the quote.

AOC to Ted Cruz: “You almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out.”


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