Mike Lindell says at least 22 million people have watched his election fraud documentary Absolute Proof in the United States alone.

Lindell again challenged Dominion to join him on live television to go fact by fact on the election fraud, and has yet to get a response.

“Come on down,” Lindell says, standing by the evidence in Absolute Proof “100 percent.”

The film is “so solid,” Lindell says no one has contacted him to refute any of the evidence. 

“They have come to me asking, where do we go from here?” he said. “You know what I tell them? Just keep getting it out there. God’s got a hand in this.” 

What they did was a crime against this country and against humanity. These machines have to go.

Lindell urged supporters to keep sharing the film to break the iron curtain of Big Tech and Big Media censorship. So far at least 22 million people have watched, not counting overseas. 

Lindell reported the average watch time is 1 hour and 53 minutes, meaning viewers are sticking around for the whole thing.


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