He’s sold 54 million pillows but you couldn’t find him on Google? Mike Lindell exposes the orchestrated censorship campaign against his documentary on election fraud Absolute Proof.

Big Tech and Big Media use information warfare together to malign anyone with opposing views, and then to suppress those opposing views.

“They took down my twitter, they took down the Twitter for My Pillow,” Lindell said. “The media called me every day…CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and then they would mock me. I kept telling them to call me Friday. And it was complete crickets.”

“Nobody has called,” he said. “They suppress things, not only do they not put out the real news…they combine with all these other entities” to suppress it. 

The documentary is banned on Youtube and Vimeo, and Facebook has even used a sexual disclaimer — on a documentary about election fraud — to limit viewership. 

Lindell says Wikipedia and Twitter are engaging in identity theft by allowing others to post false things about him on his behalf. Wikipedia is blocking edits that add factual news articles about Lindell, telling an associate “you have put up too many good things” about Lindell and Donald Trump.

WATCH: Absolute Proof.


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