A Serious Joke

Boris Epshteyn previews the impeachment show trial that begins Tuesday, and the Democrats’ completely manufactured case. “It’s a joke but it has to be taken seriously,” he said. Follow @BorisEP

The Elsewhere Smear Machine

Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam fact check Jake Tapper, who was caught lying to cover up AOC’s lies about her non-”near death” experience across the street from Capitol Hill, when no one had breached the Capitol yet.

“MAGA Terrorism” – CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters Who Question 2020 Election Results Need to be ‘Held Accountable’

Tapper completely twists reality on AOC’s Jan. 6 story

Biden Appoints CCP-Compromised Asia Czar

Dr. Peter Navarro says the buried lede on impeachment is the Democrats were “caught in the act” planning it before January 6th.

Navarro reacts to breaking news from the National Pulse revealing the Biden regime’s “Asia czar” Kurt Campbell is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Campbell also headlined an event with Hunter Biden’s missing business partner Dr. Patrick Ho, aka “the f**king spy chief of China.”

Biden’s Asia Czar Headlined Chinese Communist Event With Hunter’s ‘Spy Chief’ Business Partner

Biden’s Asia Policy Czar Helped Found Group ‘Heavily Influenced by the CCP’

Flashback: The Biden Leaks

READ: The complete Navarro report

Junk Science

Richard Fernandez, of PJ Media, reveals the dangers of falling into “settled science,” like the once elite-approved practices of eugenics and Soviet farming.

Fernandez compares troubling junk science of the past to today’s cult around global warming and the verboten subjects: was the election fair and if the Wuhan virus started in a lab.

Must-read: The Bandwagon of Perdition by Richard Fernandez

Not Fake News

Amanda Shea, of the Populist Press, explains why people are gravitating towards real information. “When Drudge went left, we went right,” Shea says, and they haven’t looked back.


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