‘It’s Very Orchestrated’

He’s sold 54 million pillows but you couldn’t find him on Google? Mike Lindell exposes the orchestrated censorship campaign against his documentary on election fraud Absolute Proof.

Big Tech and Big Media use information warfare together to malign anyone with opposing views, and then to suppress those opposing views.

WATCH: Absolute Proof.

Do it Live

Mike Lindell says at least 22 million people have watched his election fraud documentary Absolute Proof in the United States alone.

Lindell again challenged Dominion to join him on live television to go fact by fact on the election fraud, and has yet to get a response.

“Come on down,” Lindell says, standing by the evidence in Absolute Proof “100 percent.”

Little to No Research Is OK for Fauci

Dr. Maria Ryan reports there has been “little to none” Wuhan virus vaccine research conducted on adolescents, with Moderna publicly admitting they cannot get parental consent for children 12 and under to enroll in their experimental trials.

This means Tony Fauci is pushing vaccines for children this summer as a means for herd immunity without adequate research in place.

How to Fight PPPDS

Dan Schultz returns to explain how to fight a pressing problem in the Republican Party: PPPDS, or what he calls Political Party Participation Deficit Syndrome.

Schultz says there are 200,000 vacant precinct seats across the country right now. Patriotic populists must get involved in these volunteer positions in order to save the republic.

VISIT: The Precinct Project


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