Biden Ballot Dump

Gateway pundit founder Jim Hoft dropped a bombshell video of over 50 boxes of ballots being delivered in the middle of the night in Wayne County Michigan, and was promptly banned on Twitter. 

WATCH: Suspicious Vehicle Seen Escorting Late Night Biden Ballot Van at TCF Center on Election Night

The Left Declares Victory 

The ACLU is dropping its core mission to protect free speech. Now that the left thinks it has secured socialism in America, free speech is no longer necessary.

The group founded to defend the First Amendment is “shifting its emphasis from defending free speech to forcefully tackling systemic racism.”

ACLU announces racial justice agenda that includes reparations bill

Even Rubes Get to Vote

Fresh off an overwhelming condemnation by her state party, Liz Cheney goes on Fox News to give sound bites for the Democrats and accuse her constituents in Wyoming of being stupid rubes.

Cheney bashing her own voters with Chris Wallace on Fox News reveals a bigger problem within the GOP: Kevin McCarthy

“The problem here are not the folks in Wyoming, this is a McCarthy problem,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “This shows you your lack of leadership.”

“This is a woman who polls at 10 percent,” Bannon said. “The arrogance for her to go on there with no remorse.”

Joey Correnti IV, the chairman of the Carbon County GOP who was the first to censure Cheney for betraying her state, said Cheney had a staff member send an email 10 minutes before the meeting saying she was “busy” inside the beltway.

“Luckily we live in America where even rubes get to vote,” Correnti said.

Finger on the pulse: Liz Cheney goes on Chris Wallace to bash her voters for her over censure

Don Jr to campaign against Cheney: ‘I hear it’s lovely during primary season’

Arizona Needs Action

Arizona representative Mark Finchem urges action from the War Room audience to call the state senate to get them to follow through on their subpoenas of Maricopa County voting equipment and ballots.

VISIT: Arizona State Senate to CALL every state representative.

“We need to light that up and make sure they have the spinal fortitude to say enough is enough,” said Finchem. “We are going to audit your system.”

The Truth Costs, Lies Pay

Dr. Gad Saad, after 312 articles and almost 7 million views, was censored by Psychology Today for daring to call out the Hollywood elite for what they are: “vacuous parasitic virtue-signalers.”

READ Saad: The Moral Hypocrisy of Seth RogenGet the book The Parasitic Mind


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