Fresh off an overwhelming condemnation by her state party, Liz Cheney goes on Fox News to give sound bites for the Democrats and accuse her constituents in Wyoming of being stupid rubes.

Stephen K. Bannon said it was “full spectrum arrogance” for Cheney, the daughter of “a potential war criminal, who did lie to the American people,” to attack President Trump for “lies.”

Cheney was censured by the Wyoming GOP by a 56 to 8 vote in Rawlins on Saturday morning. Cheney did not bother to show up.

Instead, Cheney bashed her own voters with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Bannon said this reveals a bigger problem within the GOP: Kevin McCarthy

“The problem here are not the folks in Wyoming, this is a McCarthy problem,” said Bannon. “This shows you your lack of leadership, your lack of spine. She represents you.”

“We understand you don’t understand policy, we understand you’re no good on television, you can’t message because you can’t think on your feet. You’re like the pledge chairman,” Bannon said of McCarthy. “This myth that McCarthy got this big victory? That was Donald J. Trump, on his shoulders.”

“This is a woman who polls at 10 percent,” Bannon said, while President Trump polls at over 90 percent with Republicans.

Joey Correnti IV, the chairman of the Carbon County GOP who was the first to censure Cheney for betraying her state, said Cheney had a staff member send an email 10 minutes before Saturday’s meeting saying she was “busy” inside the beltway.

“She kept using the word ‘we’ and then she goes and basically says we the rest of us in Wyoming are idiots,” Correnti said. “Does she own the franchise of us as a group? Or is she talking to her stakeholders?”

“Luckily we live in America where even rubes get to vote,” Correnti said.


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