Mike Lindell is threatening to sue Dominion and Smartmatic for crimes against our country.

“I am going after Dominion and Smartmatic. I’m going after them with a lawsuit if this doesn’t get out to the public and get exposed and show what happened in our election,” Lindell said. “Or my next step is I sue Dominion and it has to get out in court.”

“Let’s just do it now and save time, Dominion,” Lindell said.

Lindell said the feedback is overwhelming in support of his new documentary exposing election fraud.

“There’s no statute of limitations for a crime against humanity of this magnitude,” Lindell said. 

Lindell responds to the censorship campaign against him, and says Big Tech and Big Media’s schemes are backfiring.

“If you’re going to try to suppress this now it doesn’t work, all it does is get more exposure,” he said.

Watch the documentary here.


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