‘Hateful, Pathetic Nobodies’

Boris Epshteyn rips the “hateful, pathetic nobodies” of the Democrat establishment who mocked reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and asks a pivotal question: Would anyone want to have dinner with any of them?

‘Unnecessary’: Nadler Shuts Down Gaetz’s Request To Recite Pledge Of Allegiance At Start Of Hearings

Democrats on hot mic mock Pledge of Allegiance and praying for country

It Was All Planned in 2019

Jack Posobiec reports on Bank of America’s infringement of Americans’ constitutional rights, and finds another tidbit from the TIME magazine expose on how they stole the election: It was all planned a year in advance.

“The 1% is in your face and you are the one who just has to shut up and take it,” Posobiec said.

The Big Lie vs. The Big Steal

Dr. Peter Navarro says the TIME magazine article is the perfect accompaniment to his three volumes of evidence of the stolen election: “Molly Ball gave us a sweet kiss” and “tells you exactly how they did it.” 

“She’s a useful idiot for Donald J. Trump right now, publishing that before the impeachment trial,” he said.

“It’s the Big Lie vs. the Big Steal right now,” says Stephen K. Bannon.

Exactly How They Ran the Tables and Stole the Election

Tom Donohue out at Chamber of Commerce

The Alan Alda’s Took Over

Michael Walsh explains how third wave feminism is to blame for the decline of masculine men.

“The Alan Alda’s of the world took over,” he said.
Get the book: Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost


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