Mary Ann Mendoza, of Angel Moms, reveals how the Biden regime is transporting illegal aliens into the United States, with no idea if they were positive for the CCP virus.

The Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley were apprehending 800 illegals daily, that’s 5,600 in one week. That’s not at our ports of entry, that’s over our unsecured borders

“That’s nothing,” said Matt Gaetz. “My expectation is that you’ll see those numbers increase tenfold.”

The regime has taken the funding for the wall towards new “welcome centers” for people who broke America’s laws, who then redeliver illegal aliens “right back into the arms of the cartels,” said Gaetz.

“The United States government has become the biggest human trafficker in the world,” he said.

“This is not America First anymore,” said Mendoza. “I know I’m going to have more Angel families joining our organization and I don’t want any more members.”

Former CBP Commissioner: Biden creating ‘catastrophic’ post-pandemic border crisis

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