Matt Gaetz explains how Liz Cheney was able to remain in leadership: a bailout from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Gaetz said Cheney’s survival in leadership was cemented when McCarthy tied the vote to his leadership, and made it a referendum on himself.

Ultimately, just 61 Republicans voted to oust Cheney — who betrayed Republican voters and led the charge with Democrats in a fraudulent impeachment against Donald J. Trump.

The movement to censure Cheney continues apace in Wyoming. Joey Correnti IV, chairman of Carbon County Republican Party, reported yet another Wyoming county censured Cheney Wednesday night.

“It’s absolutely going to amplify what we’re doing,” he said. “We’re reawakening the voice of the people.”

When asked where does the Republican base goes from here, Gaetz called for a redo of the 2010 primary fights that made the GOP stronger.

“The only way we win is if we’re worthy of winning,” Gaetz said. “Sometimes a reformation in our own church can help us proselytize better to others.”


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