You Can Question Voting Machines, If You’re a Democrat 

Boris Epshteyn explains why it’s perfectly legitimate to question the integrity of voting machines — as long as you’re the top lawyer for the Democrats.

Perkins Coie’s Mark Elias Is Arguing Voting Machines Caused NY Democrat to Lose Last Undecided Congressional Race

Flashback: Soros, Gates-Linked ‘Election Integrity Project’ telegraphed how they would steal the election

Read President Trump’s epic letter resigning from TV union: ‘Who cares!’

10% of Hunter’s Book Advance for the Big Guy

Peter Navarro discusses his election fraud receipts and the ways corruption pays: Simon and Schuster pays Hunter Biden $2 million for a book advance while dropping Josh Hawley’s book on Big Tech’s censorship.

Navarro notes the advance is “a mere pittance to what Communist China has” given the Biden Crime Family.

Globalism’s Back, Baby

War Room reacts to Biden’s soft speech at the State Department and is joined by Chinese dissident Prince to discuss the new American appeasement to the CCP.

“You have someone in the White House who is willing to sell out Americans,” Prince said. “Beijing is very happy about Biden right now.”

The Death Star

Filmmaker M.A. Taylor explains why Apple is the death star because they can cancel anyone they want.

“As someone who is sanctioned by the CCP, one of the biggest problems we’ve always had was with Apple their addiction to the manufacturing base,” Bannon said.

Taylor says “people should take their digital identity and spread it out as much as possible,” in order to give the tech tyrants less control. 

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Riding the Dragon: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets


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