Woketopian Censor Brigade

War Room deconstructs AOC’s ever-changing narrative about her “near-death” experience being across the street where no rioters were on Jan. 6. Now she’s turning to the left’s Woketopian censor brigade to bail her out and stop #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett.

Matt Palumbo, content manager @BonginoReport, on why Parler is coming back and explains why the Biden regime’s Defense Secretary ordering a 60-day stand down to fight “extremism” is the most important story right now.

“This is just going to be a witch hunt,” said Palumbo. “It’s purpose is not to root out people, it’s to narrative build.” Follow @MattPalumbo12

Defense secretary orders 60-day stand-down to confront extremism in the military

AOC’s ‘Big Lie’

‘They Want to Build a Woke Military’

Matt Gaetz says the purpose of the Biden regime’s purging of conservatives from the military is to reshape it to service the political left.

“They want the military on their side, it is pure power politics,” he said. “They are going to use Jan. 6 as a justification” for their long-held goal to build a “woke military.”

Biden Support From Union Workers Plunges

Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, reports on Joe Biden’s underwater position with union workers since the regime cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and thousands of jobs.

Biden’s disapproval among blue collar workers stands at 52 percent, with just 41 percent approving of the regime.

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What do Matt Gaetz and AOC Have in Common?

“It’s medicine, Steve.”

The U.S. Government Just Became the Biggest Human Trafficker in the World 

Mary Ann Mendoza, of Angel Moms, reveals how the Biden regime is transporting illegal aliens into the United States, with no idea if they were positive for the CCP virus.

The regime has taken the funding for the wall towards new “welcome centers” for people who broke America’s laws, who then redeliver illegal aliens “right back into the arms of the cartels” said Matt Gaetz.

“The United States government has become the biggest human trafficker in the world,” he said.

“This is not America First anymore,” said Mendoza. “I know I’m going to have more Angel families joining our organization and I don’t want any more members.”

Former CBP Commissioner: Biden creating ‘catastrophic’ post-pandemic border crisis
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Vaccine Update

Dr. Maria Ryan, president and CEO of Cottage Hospital, explains why there is nowhere near enough research yet to justify giving children the CCP virus vaccine to reach herd immunity.


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