Arizona state Representative Mark Finchem explains why the state legislature is getting ready to send in the sergeant-at-arms to arrest members of the Maricopa County elections board.

Election officials have been blocking access to ballots and election equipment for months, in defiance of subpoenas. 

Finchem says according to state law “the ballots themselves are to be placed in the custody of the state treasurer after the canvassing of the ballots.” 

“That never happened,” he said.

Finchem says their case of election fraud is iron tight. “You’re not going to issue that subpoena without probable cause…what else do we need to show you? We have the receipts.”

Finchem says Arizona is completely fed up with the corruption, Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.

“This isn’t about President Trump, by the way,” he said. “This is about free and fair elections.

“The more these guys slow walk this, the more they subvert, the more they obfuscate, the more they refuse to comply with subpoena after subpoena, with deadline after deadline, court cases, lawyering up, all of that garbage, even the ones who were skeptical are now saying if there’s smoke there’s probably fire,” Finchem said.

“Well, now this has gone from just a small grass fire to a forest fire.

“This state is lit up.”

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