‘You’re Making History Here’

Liz Harris, director of Citizens Investigation, unveils the demands for the forensic audit in Maricopa County and has evidence of at least 106,000 fraudulent votes in Arizona.

Calling Their Bluff 

Stephen K. Bannon calls GOP senators like Kevin Cramer’s bluff, and dares them to vote to convict Donald J. Trump after they are already on the record voting the 

RINOs ‘wary’ of exposing election fraud at the impeachment trail

McCarthy Sticks with the Establishment

Details are emerging from the Republican conference meeting on Wednesday, and Kevin McCarthy is standing by Liz Cheney, who thinks her constituents are a “mob” and whipped votes in favor of a false allegation against the leader of her party.

Call McCarthy’s office to tell him what you think: 202-225-2915

McCarthy backs Cheney staying in leadership


Jack Posobiec has a brutal fact check on AOC, who was actually across the street at the Cannon House office building and not in the Capitol during her so-called “near death” experience on Jan. 6.

Fact check: AOC’s ‘near death’ experience story falls apart


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