Two Parties, One Scam

Rep. Matt Gaetz joins War Room to explain why the battle for the Republican Party must be waged outside of Washington, D.C., his recent meeting with President Trump, and what’s next for Liz Cheney.

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Not Tired of Winning Yet

Congressman Matt Gaetz said he would give up his seat in the House if asked to defend President Donald Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial. Follow @MattGaetz


Throw the Ball Downfield

Stephen K. Bannon tells the Republicans to take advantage of the free play given to them by Sen. Rand Paul.

“Throw the ball downfield,” said Bannon, urging them to bring up election fraud since President Trump’s acquittal is already a foregone conclusion.

“It’s not just illogical, it goes against the physics of politics,” to not bring up the evidence of the stolen election, Bannon said.


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