Stephen K. Bannon reveals what’s coming: vaccines of your children to achieve herd immunity, courtesy of Tony Fauci.

A trial balloon about vaccinating children was floated in the Associated Press on Monday evening, revealing the globalist establishment’s plans for this summer.

“You’re going to have a digital passport first…it’s going to be Klaus Schwab until everyone is vaccinated no one is vaccinated,” Bannon said. Americans who refuse to get the vaccine will be thrown in a “digital ghetto,” he warned.

“I’m not an anti-vax guy,” Bannon said. “But I told you where it was going to go.”

Fauci’s push for vaccinating children comes just days after the Biden regime released a report that argues more research is needed to determine if the vaccine is safe for children.

The report calls to “continue research and development to ensure the availability of safe and effective vaccines” for adolescents and children.

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