Biden Regime Wants to Slip Amnesty Into Covid Relief

Rosemary Jenks, president of NumbersUSA, updates War Room on the open borders policies of the Biden regime.

Jenks warns Democrats are trying to slip amnesty for up to 7 million illegal aliens into the CCP virus relief bill. The move to give “essential workers” amnesty would be double the size of the 1986 amnesty, through legislation that Congress is trying to pass via reconciliation and a simple 51 vote majority.

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Newsmax host melts down when Mike Lindell mentions voter fraud

Crucial to the Survival of the MAGA Movement

Boris Epshteyn breaks down President Trump’s brief for the impeachment trial. Follow @BorisEP

“It needs to be a defense of populism, it needs to be a defense of the MAGA movement,” who the left are trying to make toxic, says Jack Posobiec.

Read President Trump’s brief

‘His Team Is Not Serving Him Well’

Dr. Peter Navarro says President Trump’s legal defense team is “not serving him well.”

Navarro, who has published three volumes explaining how the swing states were stolen from President Trump through ballot stuffing, and violations of the Constitution, says it’s imperative for the defense team to build the case around election fraud.

“His team is not serving him well as far as I can see so far,” Navarro said.

Navarro’s advice: “President Trump should do what he does best” and present the argument himself. Navarro said President Trump should make the opening statement and then have his legal team go state by state and witness by witness to show that “Trump won that election.”

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They are Coming to Destroy Donald J. Trump

Raheem Kassam explains why the Democrats’ impeachment brief is a “gift from God” and War Room urges President Trump to stay at his hotel on Pennsylvania for the duration of the trial and hold daily press conferences.


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